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Entertain with Confidence

We believe in celebrating life! That's why we're curating beautiful, southern inspired, tablescapes to help bring family and friends back to the table.


Cotillion dances are still popular in the south. We attend classes during... 


The azalea is synonymous with the south. The flowers were first planted... 


Timeless Collections with Southern Charm

Meet Lisa Lou

A beautifully decorated table serves as an anchor in the home, drawing people in because of what it represents: connection, warmth, comfort, stability, anticipation. At Celebrate, we focus on hospitality over entertaining, and we help you do this by providing simply designed, southern-inspired tablescapes. Decorating a table is no different than putting on that little black dress. We throw on the basic smock, but we change the look by changing our accessories. A formal evening? Add drop earrings, fancy heels, and a beautiful evening bag. A day shopping with friends? Take that same black dress, add comfortable flats, a scarf, and a faithful handbag. Two dramatically different looks but the basics did not change. At Celebrate By Lisa Lou we stay with the basics. We keep things simple, yet classic. Using timeless pieces we help you accessorize your table with linens, plates, napkin rings, chargers, and centerpieces, giving you an endless variety for every gathering. I hope you will join me on my blog where we chat about everything from our favorite recipes to simple entertaining tips and tricks. Let’s celebrate life, together!

Vist The Blog
  • "She creates a warm, cozy, welcoming, yet sophisticated environment. She knows how to create a home of friendship, conversation, and relaxation."

    - Heidi Cruz: Managing Director at GS

  • "From poolside cocktails and backyard BBQs, to the most elegantly extravagant weddings, Lisa instills engaging, heartwarming hospitality."

    - Joni Hruska Fichter: Owner of Career Placements Inc.

  • Nothing feels more “homey” than being with Lisa Lou. From her graciousness to her home. When you meet her she makes you feel like you are part of her family!"

    - Elisabeth Rush: Certified Academic Language Therapist

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  • Celebrate Life

    We bring family and friends together, one celebration at a time. The best place to do this is around the dinner table. Rejoicing in what God has given us, every day becomes a party.

  • Family First

    We believe if we strengthen the family, we strengthen society, and when we strengthen society, we strengthen our nation.

  • Build Community

    It is through a shared meal that connection begins to take place, and it is through connection that communities are united. 

  • Give Back

    We donate 100% of our profits to our partner, The Children's Fund, providing resources to those in need.